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Abdulahi Story | Refugee Crisis | Niger

Lake Chad Basin Crisis - Abdulahi Story

Filmed and edited by Veronica Wijaya, Produced by World Vision

Diffa Region, Niger, 2016. Published in 2017.

Abdulahi's story sheds light on one of the approximately 17 million people affected across Niger, Chad, Nigeria and Cameroon; he is one of the 10.7 million in need of humanitarian assistance. Millions more have been forcibly displaced, or are trapped in hard-to-reach areas—more than half of them are children. Long-running violence incited by Boko Haram, and the military counter-offensive has forced millions of civilians to flee, impacted water access, caused food insecurity and malnutrition and increased child protection risks. The effects of climate change and dire poverty have exacerbated the crisis.

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