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Jam at Chez Moi: ‘Tessi Dama’ by Jacko Ndione

Video Clip 'Jam at Chez Moi: ‘Tessi Dama’ by Jacko Ndione'

Produced by Veronica Wijaya

Dakar, Senegal, 2017.

'Tessi Dama' means 'She's Gone' written and sang by Jacko Ndione at 'Jam at Chez Moi' (Jam at my place), Dakar, Senegal. The song performed by Jacko himself and with support from other musicians: Traore Samba Lobi (Guitar, Mali), Mara Seck (Percussion, Senegal), Backing vocalist: Goloko Man (Senegal), and Namissa (Mali).

Jacko Ndione is song writer and singer (musician). He started his own band couple years ago. Often playing acoustic, now, Jacko goes solo and gives a new direction in his music world. He mostly writes songs related to issues in the society (Child marriage, food scarcity, gender issues,etc).

This video clip is part of my 'Music & Culture Video Project'; Producing short video clips on 'new/ young artist who's starting their project in Senegal. With the 'simple video clip' i've made, hoping it will help them to promote their project.

©2017. Dakar, Senegal. All rights reserved.

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