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Video Clip: Tamadé feat.James

Music & Culture Project in Senegal

Musicians: Tamadé feat. James

Video clip by Veronica Wijaya

Dakar, Senegal, 2017

Improvisation around blues and Malian rhythm by Tamadè featuring James in live music performance in Quicksilver, Dakar, Senegal.

Tamadé (Malian, Senegalese, Chinese) has been created recently by singer and guitarist (Namissa and Traore Samba Lobi) from Mali . Six months ago they decided to pack their bags and moved to Senegal, to pursue their career as musician and broaden their horizon in music world internationally.

This video clip is part of my 'Music & Culture Video Project'; Producing short video clips on 'new/ young artist who's starting their project in Senegal. With the 'simple video clip' i've made, hoping it will help them to promote their project.

©Veronica Wijaya,2017.

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