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Multimedia: IQRO | Afghanistan

IQRO (Read)

Storyline & Photograph: Veronica Wijaya | Edited by: Darwin Nugraha

Produced by : LCEP-2 | UN-Habitat Afghanistan

Afghanistan, 2009.

The USAID funded LCEP-2 provides literacy training to approximately 312,000 people in 20 Provinces of whom 60% are women. The literacy training includes health awareness on life saving measures and enables participants to read and understand health message from other programmes i.e. those implemented by UNICEF and WHO.

The literacy programmes includes a range of livelihood skills and practical knowledge of community banking. The acquisition of livelihood skills and support to community banking are project sub components.

LCEP-2 programme team works very closely with government counterparts while building their capacity to manage the programme. LCEP-2 gradually phases out as the government counterparts take charge of the activities. Ministry of Education will have full and complete capacity to continue to roll out nationally by the end of the programme.

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